Achieve Your Pure Learning Vision

Is Your EdTech Product Vision Under Threat?

First-to-market pressure
Shifting competitive landscape
Evolving pedagogical values
Dependence on legacy products

Presenting a unique approach to digital learning solutions...

The Old Way is No Longer Reliable

Today's education market is changing fast. The traditional approach to developing edtech solutions is no longer adequate. Internal demands to be early, educator demands to be custom, and platform demands to be seamless all chip away at your ability to innovate—never mind disrupt. You need more than a requirements document, a focus group, and a fleet of software engineers.

A New Approach: Pure Learning Vision

It is possible to exceed expectations and build the right solution at the right time. We call this Pure Learning Vision.

Your strategy requires:

Flexible and Immersive

Give educators a way to easily customise your learning content. Flexible learning material is more likely to be adopted in today's technology environment.

  • Experience Apps to create immersive learning experiences.
  • Skills-based content, authoring and assembly capabilities.
  • Flexible content models: eTextbooks, courses, tests, labs, and more.
  • Leverage existing content, legacy formats and content repositories.
Ecosystem Technique

Exostructure Approach

Integrate seamlessly with any Learning Management System (LMS) without settling for functionality trade-offs.

  • Standards based interoperability: LTI, xAPI, Caliper, SCORM, ePUB, QTI, and APIP.
  • Reduce contention across traditional LMS platforms and digital products.
  • Connectors for Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas and other IMS compliant systems.
  • Disaggregated components and services based architecture.

Read the Gartner Hype Cycle for Education 2016 report: Compro and Exostructure based solutions, and ELI's Next Generation Digital Learning Environment Initiative (NGDLE).

Incremental Design

Navigate the finicky market and give yourself room to pivot on strategy, by evolving your solution over time.

  • Phased adoptions—roll out newer capabilities over time.
  • Standard based APIs for learning analytics, social collaboration, competency based learning, and more.
  • Instructor-led and self-paced, with adaptive personalizations.
  • Scalable, multi-tenant, cloud-based models.

Webinars: Series for product innovators

The Adaptive Narrative

The Adaptive Narrative discusses various point of views and covers mission-critical questions that need to be answered before beginning your adaptive learning product plan.

Innovating From the Outside In: Edtech on the "Exostructure"

Discussing a groundbreaking new product development approach being embraced by many EdTech organizations. It’s called “exostructure-based” delivery, and it means creating products and services in a way that supports your customers from outside the walls of LMSs and other platforms.

How to Nail Your Education Product Strategy

The runway for creating digital education solutions has never been wider—or more foreboding.

If you’re part of a large, established company with centralized digital platforms, it can be difficult to innovate. The opposite situation is just as daunting: if your organization is just getting started, chances are good you struggle to pivot and meet the needs of a fast-moving, fickle market.
What’s required is a way to preserve the fidelity of your great content, products and other assets—and make no compromises regardless of LMS limitations. This webinar explores how and is a "must-see" for product leaders looking to design winning strategies for bringing innovative, competition-crushing solutions to the education market.

Gartner Research Mention

comproDLS and Compro Technologies have been mentioned in Gartner Research since 2015 in context of emerging education technologies. In 2016 there are three mentions:

Gartner Hype Cycle for Education (2016)

  • Exostructure Strategy
  • Learning stack providers

Analytics, Assessment and Adaptive Learning will Prepare You for the Algorithmic Education Evolution (2016)

  • Algorithmic Learning providers

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